Java focus issues, one more time

There has been considerable discussion over the years about problems with Java AWT windows.

Currently I am having problems convincing Java windows to take focus in some circumstances. For example, a program I run opens a small window and when it is dismissed, another window with input fields
replaces it. I can’t enter text into the input fields without moving the mouse out of the window and back in (even though the appearance of the title bar indicates that the window has focus).

I realize that this is (apparently) Java misbehaving. Having said that, I need to use this (and one or two other Java GUI programs, each of which misbehaves in its own way).

I’m using fvwm 2.6.5. Does anyone have any configuration suggestions which work around this problem?



Used the Lenience Style option?

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your thoughts, but…

A Long Time ago I used to use
Style sun-awt Title, Slippery, MouseFocus, Lenience
which, with the version of fvwm and Java at the time, did The Right Thing.

However, at some relatively recent point (in the last year or two) this stopped working. By that I mean that with this style in effect, I can not find any way to get keyboard input to the Java window (although mouse clicks still do the expected things). I don’t know whether it was me moving to a newer version of fvwm, a newer version of Java, or the combination thereof.

I tried a number of combinations of Lenience and Focus, but I didn’t find anything that worked. Is something like
Style sun-awt MouseFocus, Lenience
what you were thinking of?