jtan325's goodies

well, they’re not really goodies, but after a little less than a week with fvwm, and using openbox/fluxbox/previously, i figured i finally had something presentable, but sill far from what i envision what my desktop will look like in 1-2 weeks. FVWM should be the evangelist for converting Windows users to linux!!! :smiley:

my workstation running fluxbox (it’s ugly) cs.washington.edu/homes/jtan … luxbox.png

my laptop at home, just switched to fvwm (puts the fluxbox pic to shame)
cs.washington.edu/homes/jtan … 003409.png

simple, only transparency is in the thumbs and terms. my laptop screen isn’t very big, so i need to use real estate efficiently :smiley:

anyway, i will post my config in due time, i want to get a few panels together, possibly get a cooler title-bar, better functionality. gotta check out taviso’s dynamic menus, he’s RIDICULOUS… it’s pretty obvious i have nothing really outstanding, thumbnails and WallpaperBrowser are Taviso’s. Trayer for system tray, xmms (shaded) next to it.

i think the coolest part of this screenshot are the firefox and thunderbird icons…

Can you just tell me the fonts you are using on both shots? I find them damn cool!



Thanks a lot. But that’s for the second I guess…any clue for the first?

I like the icons too, they’re not part of gnant, where did you get them? Hope you’ll post your config too at some point.

sorry for the late reply, i totally forgot i had a post here!

anyway, i’ve completely changed my desktop look, i basically used taviso’s (aka GENIUS) fvwm2rc (google it), which the previous one was almost entirely based off of anyway, and trimmed down and changed things to my liking.

here’s the latest screenshot, going for something that’s functional for me.
cs.washington.edu/homes/jtan … latest.png

the tarball of my config + all icons I used (mostly in 48x48, but some 128x128 for the special non-gant ones) is at cs.washington.edu/homes/jtan … wm.tar.bz2 (about 7 megs).

if you’re wondering what’s in the top left,… it’s an advanced, customizable system monitoring program called conky, and i am proudly on its dev team. we are releasing 1.3.0 this weekend… check out an almost-there unofficial version (updated 2-3 times a day until official release) at cs.washington.edu/homes/jtan … rig.tar.gz
(source tarballs), or debian-based users can get cs.washington.edu/homes/jtan … 1_i386.deb
and just dpkg -i it. please try, it’s cool

sf.net/projects/conky to prove we’re legit :slight_smile:

join us at #conky on irc if you need help or have bugs to report or something else. something.there’s almost always someone around to help out, even though our dev team is really small.


Thanks for the config. Conky looks very promising! I’m going to install when I get home.