Just destroy a module!!!


I would like to use the form quitverify but I want it to be quiet so I don’t wanna hear a beep when it appears!

Here is what I did:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmForm: *
*FvwmFormDefault: Font “Shadow=0 1 SE:xft:Comic Sans MS:pixelsize=12”
*FvwmFormDefault: ButtonFont “Shadow=0 1 SE:xft:Comic Sans MS:pixelsize=12”
*FvwmFormDefault: TimeoutFont “Shadow=0 1 SE:xft:Comic Sans MS:pixelsize=12”

For the fonts of the form,

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmForm-QuitVerify: *
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: GrabServer
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: WarpPointer
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Command Nop
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Line center
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Text “Do you really want to logout?”
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Line expand
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Button quit “Logout” ^M
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Command Quit
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Button restart “Restart” ^R
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Command Restart
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Button quit “Cancel” ^[
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Command Nop
*FvwmForm-QuitVerify: Timeout 20 Quit “Automatic logout will occur in %% seconds.”

I took the configuration given in the man page and replaced beep by Nop!

But this does not work! I still have a beep when the form appears and if I modify the text of a button, restart fvwm and use the form, the text is strictly the original!! (i.e. if I write “bob stops playing” instead of logout, logout is still displayed!!)

Any idea about what did I miss here?

Best regards, Brice

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Which form are you modifying, and where are you saving your changes? I assume they’re to your .fvwm2rc file and not the FvwmForm-QuitVerify files in $FVWM_DATADIR?

– Thomas Adam


Of course I save my change in my .fvwm2rc file! I don’t want to break something on my system!

I found a workaround: I used the name FvwmForm-Quit instead of FvwmForm-QuitVerify and thus was able to do what I wanted to!

BTW can you explain me why my first attempt failed? I’d like to understand a bit better fvwm! maybe the name FvwmForm-QuitVerify is protected??

Best regarts, Brice

My apologies for the belated reply, Brice. Your first attempt (assuming I am remembering correctly – so apologies in advance if I am wrong :slight_smile:) Your first attempt used the same name as a form already in existence as a separate file – so I suspect that was getting read after you had declared your own module definition of the same name.

It happens. :slight_smile: Glad it works now, though.

– Thomas Adam

No problem for the delayed reply Thomas!

I got it working by defining a new form with an other name

Regards, Brice