key bindings in Fvwm-Crystal

Hi, i don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but here it goes:

I want to make some keybindings and use strokes in fvwm-crystal, so i put them in the userconfig file under ~/.fvwm but it doesn’t work… i have:

Open QuakeConsole using Alt+º

Key masculine A $[Mod1] QuakeConsole

$[Mod1] is meta or alt key:
SetEnv Mod1 M

The fvwm-crystal config uses grave key (in my keyboard called dead_grave) but i want to use masculine since it’s a spanish keyb. and that’s the button placed under escape button…

Also i want to have strokes, so i put this on the file:

Mouse 1 R $[Mod0] StrokeFunc DrawMotion FeedBack StrokeWidth 1
Stroke 456 1 R N MoveToPage-Right
Stroke 654 1 R N MoveToPage-Left

This neither works… i can tell the userconfig file is read since i’ve put a
Echo —userconfig----
line there and it appears on the ~/.xsession-errors file…

All those functions exist (they are used in other parts of the config)

So… what am i doing wrong?

Thanks for the help

And does the output from xev(1) show the keysysm and keycode to be called ‘masculine’? Have you turned off numlock? Since things get logged to ~/.xsession-errors, if there were anything amiss, FVWM would log it there. Have you looked?

– Thomas Adam

Yes! :open_mouth: it was the numlock key :blush:, i’ve added a 2 and now works!

Key masculine A $[Mod1]2 QuakeConsole

Thank you very much! :smiley: