key bindings spontaneously stop working

hi folks,

been using fvwm for 10+years now and am completely addicted. i would be nothing without this software.

i recently migrated to a new system and came across a weird problem. my key bindings spontaneously stop working some unspecified amount of time after i launch my X session. the key bindings work fine just after i start X, then mysteriously cease to function sometime thereafter. if i quit and restart X, they work fine again (until they stop working again.)

for example, i have a key binding that allows me to press Alt+PageUp to rotate between all un-iconified windows on my current desktop:

Key Page_Up A M Prev (CurrentPage,!Iconic) SwitchToWindow

when i first start X, this works fine. but after a while it ceases to do anything. instead, pressing Alt+PageUp in a window has the same effect as just pressing PageUp in that window. it seems fvwm stops grabbing the keypresses and examining to see if any are bound.

i tried debugging with xev. if i launch xev and hit Alt+PageUp in the xev window, then, when my keybindings are working (just after i start X), the xev console reports a KeyPress event for the Alt, but does not report KeyPress or KeyRelease events for the PageUp and does not report a KeyRelease for the Alt. so in this case fvwm is stealing the keypresses as it should.

after a while, when my keybindings stop working, i launch xev again and try the same thing. now, xev reports KeyPress and KeyRelease events for both the Alt and the PageUp.

so something seems to be causing fvwm to stop stealing keypresses for some reason. i don’t know what could be triggering this behavior and i have never seen it before, including on all my other systems on which my .fvwm2rc and environment-variable settings are identical.

anybody have any ideas on how i can debug this?

homer reid

And in these ten years you’ve never once read FAQ #0.1 on the site?

Turn off numlock, capslock, etc., and read up on the IgnoreModifiers command.

– Thomas Adam

many thanks…i regret that i missed this topic on the FAQ.