Key function for xrefresh?

The screen display is breaking when frequently restarting the system (Restart) with picom. Command Refresh also stops (maybe doesn’t work in 1.0.6a). But xterm command xrefresh refreshes the desk and windows. How to exec xrefresh with a function?

+ I Exec exec xrefresh (???)


Exec /usr/bin/xrefres
It is not needed, not a refresh problem but Picom leaves a shadow on Page 0 0 when frequently Restart. Only when working in another page. Restart goes back to Page 0 0 and returns to current page and the mess happens. The solution is to restart Picom.

You are using Fvwm-KISe (?). Edit and add this in .fvwm/config below the line “Load Picom compositor”.

Exec exec killall -qw picom
Schedule 500 Exec exec picom --config ~/.config/picom/picom.K.conf

When restarting, it kills Picom, and half a second later starts it.