Key same as action?

This question may have been asked before, don’t know how to search it. A Key to do the same as FvwmButtons’ Action.

*FvwmButtons: (Title Resize, Action Resize )
*FvwmButtons: (Title Move, Action Move  )

Button “Resize” changes the cursor to resize so that one can select the window.

Silent Key r A M Resize

This key code requires first to select the window. How to do the same as the button?

Hi @rasat

I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but are you meaning this:

Pick Resize

Which forces the window-context on the user (i.e., you’re forced to select a window with Pick, even if the window-context is already known).

Here I am illustrating the problem difference that Key binding does, compared to FvwmButtons and Menu.

## Fvwmbutton
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmButtons: *
*FvwmButtons: (Title Resize, Action Resize )

## Menu
## Desktop right-click
DestroyMenu MenuWindowOpsLong
AddToMenu   MenuWindowOpsLong
+ "Resize" Resize

Both have the same behaviour that is expected. When you click the button or right-click anywhere on the desk, the cursor changes to the Resize icon and waits until a click on a selected window.

Key does it differently.

Key binding
Silent Key F8 A C Resize #(ctrl-F8)

This key immediately executes the action and resizes the active window or nearest inactive window or toolbar or RightPanel. In the screenshot, it resizes the SimpleButton bar where the cursor is located.