Keybindings and emacs

I am running NsCDE and have a couple of questions. I did not find a forum for NsCDE so I thought of asking here. If this is not the proper place please inform me.

I am using emacs (gui) and successfully disabled in Keybindings.cua the C-arrow so that emacs receives this and moves the cursor by word or paragraph. But I can not find how to disable C-BackSpace so that I can delete a words in Emacs and other editors (eg when writing an email in Evolution).

Also links in Evolution are white. The background of messages is white so you can not see the links. How do I change the links color. Where is this information stored?

I moved this to the NsCDE subform, so here is a good place to ask. I’m unsure if the NsCDE author would prefer to help here or just use github.

OK thank you. By the way, when you say help through github what do you mean? I see no forum there. Do you mean through bugs/issues? Or there is a forum I missed?