Keyboard focus and raise window

Hi all,

I have multiple windows open … and I close the currently focused window …
At the moment, after this window closed, no other window get focused …
I would like to have the other window with keyboard focused raised on the the
top … Is that possible ?



What’s your focus policy?

It’s highly unlikely at the point of you closing a window that if no other window has focus, this window has keyboard focus. Hence I presume you mean something like this:

DestroyModuleConfig a:*
*a: destroy_window foo

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent a

DestroyFunc Foo
AddToFunc Foo
+ I None (CurrentPage, Focused) Foo2

DestroyFunc Foo2
AddToFunc Foo2 I Next (CurrentPage, !Transient, AcceptsFocus) Focus

But you don’t say why, or what it is you’re trying to do.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas,

We are having application that opens multiple windows … and when a certain window is closed,
we want the other window, that takes input from keyboard, get focused immediately without
the need of mouse click …



Dear Thomas,

The only focus policise that I have are:

Style “" ClickToFocus
Stype "
” MouseFocusClickToRaise

DestroyFunc FocusAndWarp
AddToFunc FocusAndWarp I Focus

  • I WarpToWindow 11
    DestroyFunc DeiconfyFocusAndRaise
    AddToFunc DeiconfyFocusAndRaise I Iconify off
  • I Focus
  • I Raise

Are these properly configured ?
I tried to add your configuration in your response , and it did not work …

Thanks and have a good weekend …