Keyboard oriented config

I’ve updated my config and decided to post it here. Screenshot:

As you can see, I removed the titles from the windows in order to gain more screen space. Perhaps it is not so visually attractive, but I find it more efficient. Most of the window managing functions I do via keybindings and I found myself not using the title buttons or even needing the information displayed in the title.

I work in a university and the computers here are always running. It is quite usual to have uptimes of several months. As such, my fvwm session is always running, and it is difficult to know in advance the best distribution of pages and desks, as new projects and tasks come and go. Therefore I have a dynamic number of desks, each with a 2x2 set of pages which can be named individually. This allows to organize myself as needed.

You can find the config and some more details (including a list of keybindings) here.

Really nice !
Great work, light and fast ! thx for sharing

really nice, i like it… especially the keybindings. hoho~

like the idea…keyboard oriented always the best way I guess…but the decor is ugly as hell ( :smiley: ) should be fixed

Very nice!

I tried your function that sorts the shaded windows and it doesn’t seem to work. It just keeps enlarging the shaded window. Is that what the function is suppose to do or is it suppose to sort out all the shaded windows?

Well, there’s not much of the decor left after removing the window titles. And for me it’s quite ok :wink:

Which function are you using? I have ShadeWindowWithStyle, which shades a window and puts the ShadedWindowDecor (for transparent titles), but doesn’t do anything else. Then I also have SortShadedWindows which sorts the shaded windows in the current page. Lastly I have a combination of both functions for shading one window or all the windows in the page.

I expect SortShadedWindows is causing the trouble. It has a ResizeMoveMaximize command in order to bring the windows back to their original position after unshading. However it works fine for me.

Hmm, I’ve seen that I write a temporary file and it was given simply as .fvwm/shadedWindows, bad idea. I’ve put a $[HOME] before it. Probably FVWM_USERDIR would be better.

I don’t know if that’s the issue, but you can give it a try.

They’re OK functions but they could be vastly improved. Your comment in there about using awk isn’t valid in that I agree with you it’s the better way to go, but the quoting mechanics is such that you just need to keep \\escaping the variables.

It’s the not the ResizeMoveMaximize that causes the issue as it is probably more how you calculate the offset. Note that shell arithemetic of $[ offset + n ] is deprecated, in lieu of $(( … )) anyway, although this is just a minor point. It kind of works for me but it’s ugly. And I had to change the offset anyway to fit in with things.

The only other reason it could fail is due to the function being called out of context or an odd FVWM version.

– Thomas Adam