keyboard shortcuts for "amixer set 'Master' 5%+" and "amixer set 'Master' 5%-"


Is there any way please to add keyboard shortcuts for: amixer set 'Master' 5%+ amixer set 'Master' 5%-

If it could be possible I would like to use:

  • shift + up arrow for: amixer set 'Master' 5%+
  • shift + down arrow for: amixer set 'Master' 5%-

If the above combinations are not possible, maybe it is possible to change “shift” with “alt” key, or maybe

  • shift + ; for: amixer set 'Master' 5%+
  • shift + ’ for: amixer set 'Master' 5%-

Thank you.

You can have fvwm run any script/shell command with Exec, so in your case the fvwm command is

Exec exec amixer set 'Master' 5%+

The you need to bind this to a key binding, here is some help on that

Not to lower FVWM significance there, but I think xbindkeys is better with this task. It reloads it’s configuration file on each change, so it does not require full restart.

Neither does FVWM. Your point?

Just a suggestion :smiley: