Hi Folks.

At the moment I am claening my fvwmrc and I wonder, if it is possible to define keychains to call fvwm’s functions like they are there in emacs and stuff. My be a function can be written to do this?

Currently I am trying to some sort of emulate this with menus called by shortcuts and TitleUnderlines2 ehich is even a more neat idea since the possibilities invoked are displayed and underlined :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your reply. Me stupid, I searched everywhere but not in the FAQs… Okay, so the idea with cascading menus invoked with keys is not my invention :wink:
Is there an icon set with arrows including South, East, NorthWest direction and such? I have a desktop matrix with 3x3 screens, so this would be very handy understanding the menu shortcuts immediately…