last few questions


cause i have a problem with my internet access and it’s easy to ask questions here than on IRC here is few issues that i can’t resolve.

  1. How to set padding for menu? I wish to have single border in one color, then thick border in different color, and then menu items.

  2. How to test if a variable is defined?

  3. In my thumbnail func I set NeverFocus for thumbnail. And I can’t remove this flag whule dethumbnailing. I’ve tried with: !NeverFocus, ClickToFocus and DestroyWindowStyle and nothing :frowning:

  4. I use alltray application for Firebird traying. If I use Close function then it’s hiding into trayer. And it works fine. Unfortunately, it’s implicts Iconify as well, so I get Icon of Sunbird on my root desktop. I think, it’s alltray problem but I could (?) be resolve by Fvwm. I tried to use something like:

[code]AddToFunc foo

  • I Close
  • I Iconify off[/code]
    but it doesn’t help :frowning:

thanks for your time and help!

As far as I know you can only define one border. Make sure you have set the menu to have relief (MenuStyle * BorderWidth 1), and in the MenuColorset use a colorset that has the same colors for sh and hi.

Search the man page for the “EnvIsSet” test condition.

Post the code. It should be doable.

If the application sits on your desktkop it’s because it’s not been closed. Maybe it’s alltray segfaulting or something… I don’t really know. It’s been ages since I used a tray.

Why does it even matter?

Nothing to do with alltray segfaulting.

In terms of this one application, try using the ‘firetray’ extension via mozilla’s homepage. Might not work for crappy beta versions of Firefox 3.

– Thomas Adam

Take a look at this screenshoot][/url]
Well, it’s exactly what I really want (because outer border is thick and i want inversely) but someone did it.

[code]DestroyFunc Thumbnail
AddToFunc Thumbnail

  • I Raise
  • I SetEnv Icon-$[] $[w.iconfile]
  • I ThisWindow (!Shaded, Iconifiable, !Iconic ) PipeRead
    “xwd -silent -id $[] |
    convert -resize $[ThumbWidth]x$[ThumbHeight] -frame 1x1
    -mattecolor black -quality 0
    xwd:- png:$[ThumbDirectory]/icon.tmp.$[].png;
    composite -geometry +5+5 $[w.miniiconfile]
    $[ThumbDirectory]/icon.tmp.$[].png $[ThumbDirectory]/icon.tmp.$[].png;
    echo WindowStyle IconOverride,
    Icon $[ThumbDirectory]/icon.tmp.$[].png”
  • I Iconify

DestroyFunc DeThumbnail
AddToFunc DeThumbnail

  • I WindowStyle Icon $[Icon-$[]]
  • I UnsetEnv Icon-$[]
  • I Exec exec rm -f $[ThumbDirectory]/icon.tmp.$[].png
  • I Focus

*FvwmEvent: deiconify DeThumbnail[/code]

firetray doesn’t work with newer versions of Firebird. Well, propably it will change in near future.

Nice. But I don’t know how to do it. Maybe it’s a patched version of fvwm or maybe it’s something with pixmaps (I never ever tried to put pixmaps on a menu so I don’t know much about the thing.

Add this to the end of the DeThumbnail function:

+ I WindowStyle !NeverFocus
+ UpdateStyles

I think that that should work.

Of course it won’t work. There is no such thing as a negation for “!NeverFocus”. You want something like this instead:

DestroyFunc DeThumbnail
AddToFunc   DeThumbnail
+ I DestroyWindowStyle
+ I WindowStyle Icon $[Icon-$[]]
+ I UnsetEnv Icon-$[]
+ I Exec exec rm -f $[ThumbDirectory]/icon.tmp.$[].png
+ I Focus

– Thomas Adam

Focus came back partly. I can focus that window, but it doesn’t focus automatically after dethumbnail. Like + I Focus doesn’t work.

Errrm, that depends upon how you’re deiconifying the window, although it will work just fine.

What focus policy are you using? If you’re not using sloppyfocus, and the window is under the pointer then see:

+ I PointerWindow Focus

– Thomas Adam