Left my taskBar behind with dual monitor

After having my motherboard replaced, I’m having problems with my dual monitor setup. I have a laptop attached to an external monitor. For some reason the TaskBar is staying on the laptop screen and not showing up on the external monitor. Is there any way to access the open up the taskbar using an FvwmCommand, the way I would open up an xterm window?

Thanks for your help!

The position depends on your geometry settings and where’s your zero point of your virtual monitor is defined.

First, you have to check on which monitor your zero point is. You can check this from within a terminal]
xterm -geometry 80x24-30-100
[/code]You find the X11 Geometry Specifications here.

Then compare your TaskBar geometry settings: *FvwmTaskBar: Geometry {+-}<X>{+-}<Y> with the X11 Geometry Specs and change the position of your TaskBar to your needs.

Hope this helps.