Legout´s fvwm screenshot

[color=red]SCREENSOHTS OF MY NEW FVWM-CONFIG ARE HERE.READ [/color]September/October2005 … /index.php

December 2005 … /index.php

EDIT 29.09.05!!

You can download my old and my new config here: … vwm/config

Here it is.

Nothing special, but i love the behaviour and look.

That looks really nice i like to colors. Any chance at posting your config?

my config is very unordered at the moment. without much comments and i don’t give any contribtions to the original authors of some functions at the moment.
So i´ll have to do some things before share it with the rest of the world :wink:

I hope you can wait some more days

as long as its comes sometimes at all :stuck_out_tongue:

looks really nice, can’t wait to take a look at your config


Here it is. My fvwm-config :smiley:

thx. was on holidays so i just recognized your config.

I´ve rewrote my fvwm-config,

you can view my screenshots here

I´ve got three autohide FvwmButtons, one for a Program-Launchbar, one for a URxvt and one for ncmpc. that´s the easiest way to control mpc :wink:.

I´ll post this config soon.


maybe good for completion of the iconset you use. Used it to and found them matching, just had to desaturate.

Very nice theme, I love the clean and white feeling.
The link to your config is a 404, could you repost it, please ?

And what is this tree torsmo-like app on the left of your screen ?

Thanks a lot

its conky

+1 repost your config please

Thanks legout, I saw the tarball was back. Is this the rewritten version or the old one ?
And thanks cub, I’m having much fun with conky (I never really liked torsmo and was using gdesklets as a replacement but it’s really heavy).

It´s the old one!!

I´ll have to sort my new config first;-)

After that i´ll upload it to my server!!!

I like your conky 8)

I have the idea from an screenshot i´ve seen somewhere in the gentoo forums.

But i can´t remeber where. Only wanna say, that´s it´s not mine :wink:

found it !!! :stuck_out_tongue: tks anyway :slight_smile:

Config is uploaded. See the first post of this thread

Thanks a lot, it really looks clear and modularized…
I’m sure I’ll find many ways to improve my own config !

Next Update.

I change some things:

-new Icons
-change position of my autohiding terminal, ncmpc and panel.
-smaller taskbar.

Config will come soon!!

i like your conky-setup very much. maybe you can post it or send it to me sometime. thx in advance.


I adapted your config : removing launchbar, taskbar and autohide terminal, added more virtual desktops.
Here is how it looks now :

I’ll go on with the merging of my old config and this one, perhaps you’ll find some useful features too.

config and .conkyrc are at (Informatique -> Configuration if you don’t speak french).

And thanks again for this very nice config !