Light, transparency,rather beautiful enough & fast enoug


You may find my fvwm (videos & screenshot) :

Other screenshot:

(in the corner, I swallow the kicker bar of KDE for the kweather and kaquarium that I like :slight_smile: )

Fast theme swithcing:

(as in dorothy config :

With swalloing engage & kicker bars:

My two educational fvwm config (to learn):

with dock theme fast swithcing
with title bars theme fast swithcing
(to get the last .fvwm2rc config, please send me an email)

This one has Online TV & Xmms running icons on my favourite programs:

I still have some troubles with the Dashboard functionality.
(as )

To Install it :
Just run my script :slight_smile: (damn cool, no?)
(please review the rights and permissions, I have no will to rewrite this very old script).

Now, with swallowing kde & engage bars: :slight_smile: … st2006.png

You’ll find some transparency, nice menus, icon, … screen scrolling to work on several windows, wine, and also, the engage bar (from E17 enlightment).

Thank you very much to Taviso & harven, two great fvwm programers, that are significantly contributing to fvwm & scripts !!
(autohide of the console, and windows rollup)

Greetings to fvwm users !
If you like it, post or do not hesitate to send me an email !


This one is from august 2006:

(the bars can hide / show up when u click close to them ; that’s emptying your desktop !! )

What’s great in this one is that the multimedia bars are hidding/showing up when I click on hte lower part of it, and have my Information Online that go in Fullscreen & the Information Radio Online : I like very much

The upper bar can also hide/show up.
(I would like to thank taviso ,gullivert, chojin, enzo, and everyone !)


New config : … apshot.png

Can you adhere to the channel guidelines and also post your config along with that video of yours?

I can’t say I necessarily like your screenshot, but the configuration might help to inspire others.

Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,

My config is for the moment a bit messy … 'cos I am still working on it …

You may find it there at the present state (.fvwm2rc version 1.2) :
(and u can copy the updated-menuspat & .fvwm2rc vers.1.6 into the site @ /fvwm/ )
(If wterm & Eterm are not installed, nothg will work)
(to install it: apt-get -f -y install wterm eterm (under debian))

If you have ideas and improvements, please do not hesitate to let me know.
I started since half a year with fvwm… You may post the Positive corrections/advices in order to get a more Artistic Fvwm Desktop … (without being too heavy for the pc).

Added features: (vers.1.6)
ALT + Return : Full Full screen of the window
ALT + M: to show desktop, i.e. to thumbnail all the windows on the screen

Window roll up (windowshade) working
Eterm, transparent on the wallpaper
Console autohidding, on the top of hte screen (not visible and may scroll down when u need it :slight_smile: )
Kmix, in system tray, to change the volume