Loading kde libraries at startup?

Amarok takes a while to load and I was wondering if I could speed it up by loading some of the kde stuff when fvwm starts (I also use some other kde programs).

Since I don’t really care how long fvwm takes to load, I was wondering if there are other things I can run at startup to make the system run faster later on.

You could look at trying to use the “preload” program, or use something other than Amarok.

– Thomas Adam

A possibility is to run “konqueror --preload” somewhere in your config. I don’t think it will delay the startup of fvwm in any noticeable way since that’s done on the background.

preload looks good, hopefully it works as well as it sounds.

I don’t have konqueror installed, seems that amarok only depends on kdelibs. I guess the file browser doesn’t need konqueror.

I still use some KDE applications (konqueror, kmail, k3b,…), and I have this line in my startfunction:

+ I Test (Init) Exec exec kdeinit

This is taken from KDE performance tips: