Logout of session command from command line (xterm)

Is there a way in FVWM that I can issue an FVWM command from a command line to stop my current session and bring me back to the login screen.

I’m trying to make a Kiosk type system where upon user login a Java application automatically launches. The application takes complete focus of the desktop. When the user is done with the Java application they will press an exit button inside it that will stop the Java application and quit their FVWM session bringing them to the login screen.

I’m using the latest stable version FVWM 2.4.20 on CentOS 5.0

Thanks for your help.



FvwmCommand Quit

This assumes you’ve loaded FvwmCommandS though hence:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmCommandS

I’ve written articles about FVWM in kiosk environments.

Well that’s stupid – use FVWM 2.5.26 please, and spare the bull about your package manager not offering that version. Go and download the source if you have to.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas,

Worked perfect.

I was trying to use the latest FVWM but was having problems creating an RPM from the source. Even trying to install from source was giving me issues. Probably something wrong with my setup. I should have pursued it further, but got what I needed with the latest stable version and was able to create an rpm from that with a little editing. Once I get everything else working I will explore the latest release and see if I can get that going.

Thanks very much for your expertise and help.