Lost password recovery?

There doesn’t seem to be an “I forgot my password” link in the forum login screen like on other phpBBs, which I for one tend to rely on for forums I don’t post to on a regular basis. If this is an intentional policy change then what I did (went to another forum’s login screen then copy+pasted the appropriate part of the sendpassword URL) would probably qualify as an “exploit”. Either way it seems like something needs fixed.

I can’t say there has even been one here, I’ve always thought it a bid odd but I can’t find anything in the admin control panel that has to do with it.

I’ll be doing some board upgrades soon (possibly tomorrow) though and I’ll look into it then, if those don’t fix it it might take some more weeks as I’m having exams now…



Don’t know if the option exists or not, but there is a FAQ about it:


Well if anyone else needs it in the meantime this is the URL: