Macintosh theme like

Can someone plz tell me how to set up a theme like this?

It remember the MAC OS X theme


Search these forums — there’s an entire plethora of
paper-white MAC OS X themes here.

– Thomas Adam

There is currently no way to make those clean round corners unfortunately. (unless the metisse does it, I dunno)

Nope. As mentioned in the ‘Feature Requests’ section, it’s
planned. Probably Fvwm3.

– Thomas Adam

I took the pic from an italian forum.
The screenshoot is from a fvwm2

no it’s not … XFCE + Rox-filer

screenshots of XFCE

Let me get this straight: someone has managed to make clean round corners to titles (or rather, titles and borders) and hasn’t let us know? Dang.

Having said that, I think it’s faked. (ie. the picture has been manipulated)

EDIT: ^^yeah, that’s more probable :laughing:

Agreed, it’s definitely Xfce. Terminal, xfwm4, xfce4-panel, xftaskbar, rox, …

Edit: That said, it could just be a bunch of xfce stuff on top of fvwm.

I would say even more.

The owner of the screenie must have 4 gigs of ram or something like that, because the thing in the top is kicker, at least the right part (the one holding the pager and the kopete icon), the taskbar could be FvwmIconMan embeded in the same FvwmButtons where kicker is probably also swallowed.

Look the pager and the system tray with kopete… AFAIK no other tray can embed kopete sucessfully and the pager is the one from kicker with the “Elegant” style. Said that, the windows decoration could easily be also baghira and the wm kwin (though I dont know if it is possible that fvwm is running while kwin manages the windows, can anyone clariffy that?).

I suspect he is also using kdesktop. And the panel at the bottom is indeed the xfce panel. It is not a “light” desktop :wink:

in every configuration that I copy and edit for my screen and my linux (suse 10 1024x768) I’m unable to show background.
I see the thumbs on the menu, but if I click on the image, the background wont set.
Do I missing something? The images are .png

Finded: run

apt install fluxbox

and now everithing is ok

in this thread

they say it’s fvwm2, not Xfce (there’s the downloadable file .fvwm2rc) also if the bottom bar is very similar to xfce (or the same?)

this is Fvwm most liquly !!!

The other is XFCE for sure !!!

There isn’t?

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This seems gnome based…

Take a screenshot of one xterm under another, showing the corner cleanly. If it’s still clean, please, do post the code you’ve modified in fvwm sources. :wink:

It has a gnome-panel… that doesn’t mean it uses metacity.

Well, that wasn’t what you said… :stuck_out_tongue: clean rounded corners are possible with cheating. Still, the problem with the borders and roottransparent colorsets under the pixmaps stands… I search for someone who wants to make the borders translucent and can do that, because I can’t. :frowning:

The screenshot in that forum doesn’t look like fvwm. It has borders and rounded corners… and rounded corners without “cheating”, both things are not possible as far as I know. So it has to be a) another windowanager or b) a manipulation. I tend to a. I cannot download the fvwm2rc or the package.

After rereading that forum… I assume that the screenshot they meant is this one… although I don’t speak the language.

if someone need translate, ask…
I write on that forum, and there’s no problem.