Major forum upgrade

In the course of this week I hope to be able to upgrade the forum software to the new 3.0 RC1 release.

This release will make administration a lot easier on us (“us” being me and Thomas) and will hopefully allow us to go back to automated account activation.

This will probably have some repercussions though, the main ones being that some plugins won’t work anymore (eg. if you were using the RSS feed plugin) and the dissapearance of most other themes (at least until someone ports them to phpBB 3)

So should the board be offline for a while during the next week you know what’s probably going on :wink:

The forum upgrade seems to have gone smoothly.

I guess we’ll spend some time now to finetune all the new settings and to get rid of the load of spamaccounts that have registered (and not activated).

So anyway, the big changes:
[list][]automatic account activation is back on, so no you’re no longer at the mercy of the time and whims of the boards admins:wink:[/:m]
[]new themes, this is pretty minor imho, but the default is the phpBB2 theme, there’s also another one available in your control panel[/:m]
[]Jabber support: Yay! And that’s enough said.[/:m]
[]You can now report inappropriate content (read: Spam), so we can act quicker on it[/:m]
[]User IPs are subject to blacklists, should this prevent anyone from logging in please contact use about it. This looks like a great feature to us, but we of course don’t want the board to become inaccessible to any legitimate users![/:m]
[]A lot more stuff, I’d say cruise around and see for yourself[/:m][/list:u]

Should you run into something that’s not working or configured as expected just pop a reply here, thanks in advance for reporting any problems you find and enjoy your stay.

The forum logo with xteddy on top of the official FVWM logo is a design of calmar originallly meant to be used on FVWM T-shirts.

The board admins

Great job !!
Thx a lot for maintaining this forum

The new forum looks and functions great as far as I know!

Great job you guys, your work is immensely appreciated :slight_smile:

Looks very good in a graphical browser :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the good work!


Nice job. :slight_smile: I kinda miss the ‘show latest from 24h’ link, though.