Making 'KillModule FvwmBanner' work!

Ok I have seen examples where people are trying to have FvwmBanner start at startup and stop when the loading (Init) of programs are finished.

It seems trying to use ‘KillModule FvwmBanner’ doesn’t work. But here is a work around…

DestroyFunc StartFunction
AddToFunc   StartFunction
+ I Module FvwmBanner   # First command in StartFunction
+ .
+ .
+ .
+ I Test (Restart) Exec exec kill $(pidof FvwmBanner)   # Last command in StartFunction

DestroyFunc InitFunction
AddToFunc   InitFunction
+ .
+ .
+ .
+ I Exec exec kill $(pidof FvwmBanner)   # Last command in InitFunction

Works nicely for me. Took a long time to find, though.

Hi @Yonut27

Fvwm3 doesn’t have this module any more, so that’s one less problem to care about. The reason FvwmBanner doesn’t have a signal handler for kill, is because it’s never around long enough for it to receive one.



That’s ok, because I notice a lag that makes the menus appear slower in FVWM3 vs.FVWM2. So unless I find a feature FVWM2 doesn’t have, I will just continue to use the older version.


Hey @Yonut27

Could you elaborate on this, and/or provide a minimal configuration which shows this lag, and works with both fvwm2 and fvwm3, so I can compare? There’s no reason why this should be the case in fvwm3 as this hasn’t changed…

I probably could.

But the last time I tried to help that way, the response I got was…

You can use these forums, that’s fine. But given all other issues are being logged on GitHub, that’s where I’ll track them officially – so having this “split” between the two means I’ll not be paying as much attention on these forums to bug reports for those people who won’t log them on GitHub.
- Thomas Adams

So my desire to help was quelched. :frowning: Sorry.

Hi @Yonut27

I do understand, but also I’m saying that from a tracking perspective, the fvwm3 project itself lives on Github, and that’s where I expect to manage issues and hence others to contribute to the logging/involvement of those issues. I certainly can’t do that all by myself, which is where I’ll take as much help as I can get. Nor can I be in two places at once, and I don’t want to treat these forums as another bug-tracking system.

So far, you’re the only one who has a moral problem with this, and as I said before, although this is not my preferred means of detailing any problems you might have with fvwm3, the offer is still there for me to help you as best I can. So although you may feel quelched (and this was by no means my intention whatsoever), the offer of help never went away, and if anything, I’m going out of my way to be as accommodating as I can be. I don’t mind, as long as you can understand why I feel bugs in one place (Github) is a good thing from my perspective.