Making the TileCascadePlacement method ignore a window

I must be blind but after having looked through the man page several times I still can’t find an option (except Unmanaged, but that one has undesired side effects) that makes the TileCascadePlacement method ignore certain windows when calculating the position of a new window. Is there no way to do this?

Not easily. The easiest way would be to use MinOverLapPlacement and set various penalty points based on that. You could do this for certain applications of course:

Style * TitleCascasePlacement
Style app1 MinoverlapPlacement, MinOverlapPercentPlacement [..]

And then issue a ‘PlaceAgain’ command on some event.

Slightly convolute, but that’s about the best way you’re going to effectively get around it. Unless of course these areas are well defined and always the same in which case, EWMHBaseStruts might be an alternative solution, but I doubt it.

Thomas Adam.