Managing programs/windows in Vitual Desktops

When I right click in Virtual Dekstop 2 and choose a program/windows etc. that is located in Virtual Desktop 1 it jumps to Virtual Desktop 1 instead of importing the desired program to desktop 2…is it possible to get programs that you choose imported to the Virtual Desktop that one currently use?

When I open a program and change dekstop while its loading it appears in the new desktop that I use.

How do I make programs appear in the desktop that I originally opened them in even if I change desktop while they are loading??

See the “SkipMapping” and “StartsOnPage” and “StartsOnDesk” commands in Fvwm.

– Thomas Adam

I can’t use StartsOnDesk because you need to specify the specify screen you want the program to be started ind (1,2,3,4). That is not what I want.

I have tried StartsOnPage with two arguments (100 100) then I get my program created on in the same desktop all the time (Rightmost lover corner). That is not what I wanted either.

Is it impossible to create a program and make it appear only in that window it is initially created in?

try this one: viewtopic.php?t=42