mapping alt+tab functionality to a functionkey

Hi all –

I know this is probably a lame question… but has anyone found a way to map the ability to toggle between Desktops (the alt+tab stuff) by simply pressing 1 key?

e.g., I want to press F1 and have it toggle between active desktops (e.g., desks with an active application) - or at least toggle between desks, whether there is an application active inside it or not.

thanks in advance.

You might try something like this:

Key F1 A A FuncFocusNextWindow

DestroyFunc FuncFocusNextWindow
AddToFunc FuncFocusNextWindow
+ I Next (!CurrentPage, AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus

You might want to change the “CurrentPage” to “CurrentDesk”, depending on what’s applicable.

– Thomas Adam

Thomas –

Perfect answer. Thanks so much (again).

I’ve got FVWM doing almost everything that I want…