mascanho's problem

ok .

[color=red]Edited by theBlackDragon:
–> This thread was split out of the Painless Fvwm thread.
–> A little background for those interested. I thought mascanho was taking over PainlessRob’s config thread and attended him to that, he then reacted as can be seen further in this thread, the post he’s talking about that he has removed is this one.[/color]

Please don’t take over this thread, it’s about PainlessRob’s config, so let’s keep it that way, shall we?

he asked i simply answered dwd !! removed it already , and gonna remove my login too !

No need to get all worked up about it, I just noticed that the last posts seemed to concern your config more than his, if you found the way I told you that offensive, then sorry but English is not my native language and even though I like to think my English is pretty good for only having it as a third language it’s far from perfect.

Now, if you have problems with criticism, that’s your problem entirely, I’m just trying to keep threads on topic and if I make a mistake of judgement doing that you can PM me to notify me of that instead of getting all worked up about it and deleting contents of posts, if it were such a big deal I, or anyone of the other mods, would alread have moved them.

So, unless I wass grossly misjudging I suggest you continue discussing your config in your own thread. I don’t really see the problem with that, it contains enough nice stuff and seems to attract enough attention already.

I also suggest doing any further communication about this in PMs or About the forum.

/me puts his [color=blue]moderator hat[/color] on.

There seems to also be a lot of ambiguity lately between posts. What I will say, is that if mascanho doesn’t start to show some level of competent maturity, then I’ll personally see to it that his posts are locked.

Yes, mascanho, you should have posted your analysis of your own configs to your own thread which, I might add, is already on-going, or at least started a new thread (undesirable in this case). The idea of these posts is that one thread equates to the discussion of [i]that[/i[ person’s config. If it starts to degenerate I will often split the thread – but then those people that have read the forum guidelines tend to be more aware of this.

Whether your reply of:

Was intended as a joke or not, is unclear – but it is certainly in poor taste, if so.

One thing I will say is that I’ve noticed one or two people in general distress at the thought of their posts being split and/or moved around from the original location they were placed in. Moving them is done for a good reason usually and at the discretion of the Moderators. It’s our job to do this – to at least try and keep things in a sensible order. I like to think we do a good job of it. Yes, we sometimes make mistakes, but ultimately you’ll have to live with it.

I am pleased with the way this forum is taking shape – and we have some quite helpful people here, already. There’s always going to be some imbeciles (as has been demonstrated) but they can be dealt with on an imbecile-by-imbecile basis.

I’ll confer later with Geens about splitting this thread out properly – in the meantime I know my reply is out of context here.

– Thomas Adam.

In mascanho’s defence, I did ask to see a screenshot of his window decorations, which he kindly provided. Perhaps he did over-react to the initial comment about taking over this thread. (Which I have no problem with, but moderators have got to moderate, I guess, or chaos will reign.)

However, that said and done, I do feel that stuff like this:

is a little patronising and unnecessary.


Ditto. Although I can see the point.
And, mods and admins, you are doing a good job! Pats on the back all mods and admins :slight_smile:
Thanks for a great forum!