Matrix and dark config

Hello, when i work the night i don’t like bright windows which are to aggressiv for my eyes. So i decided to create a dark config.

that looks a lot like Fluxbox…actually, as a Flux user i made a style almost exactly like your Fvwm config :smiley:. I dont really looove the movie (its alrigth) and i’m not that big fan of Matrix wallpapers and configs/themes, but i gotta say, something makes it looks cool. 8) I dont know if its the green that makes you imagine yourself a underworld hacker, but it looks neat.

I am a guy that loves the eye-candy, but really, i wouldnt change your config a bit!! It looks cooool. (although i would make the window borders green to match the overall look).

haha, sry man, but, i’m gonna break it down: i mean, the wallpaper isnt too good, the windows are very simple, the menu couldnt be more compact, the IconMan is also simple…but…i love it!!

lol…good one.

you will kill your eyes ! :slight_smile:
what about a :

/usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/glmatrix -root &


Well, combined with XDM that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: