maximization not correct on desktop 1x1 with FvwmTaskBar

Hi all,
I’m just working on a new basic config, and noticed after I had implemented my FvwmTaskBar I noticed that the width of the FvwmTaskBar is not stretched entirely to the right, and when I maximize a window on the 1x1 desktop it doesn’t fully maximize, see screenshot. however, on Desktop 1x2 and any other one, windows do maximize fully, but the TaskBar is still not all the way to the right.

my config is here does anybody have any idea what’s going on?


I never liked FvwmTaskBar and so never used it (it seems to me that it is a bit buggy, but can’t confirm that. Maybe you could try to specify a full Geometry spec, for example:

*FvwmTaskBar: Geometry 1024x768+0-0

I think that the fact that the taskbar is not completely maxed in width may be related to the fact that you use a big window border, and the size of the taskbar is calculated BEFORE applying the style:

Style FvwmTaskBar NoTitle, BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 0, Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip

So, counting with the border the size would be correct, but once you apply the style then the size is not recalculated, that makes sense and is a plausible explanation, but I did not look into the source code and don’t plan to, so I can’t be sure.

Another solution would be to apply the style after creating the FvwmTaskBar instance (just put the style line at the top of the file and remove it from its current location). I did not check any of these, so they might or might not work. Anyway, I suggest you to look into FvwmButtons, that is a better solution and much more flexible.

Are you sure that this happens with all the programs? In the screenshot you use xterm, wich simply cant be sized to max, because it’s geometry is not pixel based, but character based. In other words: xterm can have a geometry of 80x25 chars, or a geometry of 80x24 chars, but there is nothing intermediate between these two sizes.

The same applies for some old programs (nedit comes to mind). And the same would happen under any other wm, since these applications just can’t handle the geometry in a pixel basis. If the thing happens with all the applications then there might be something about your config. If that happens then I will take a closer look to your config, but first try to check if that is a problem with all apps.

Not quite. I think it’s a deliberate feature. I’m sure this
was discussed on fvwm-workers last year,

Just so you’re upto date, it’s recommend now to negate styles
with a ‘!’, hence:

Style FvwmTaskBar !Title, BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 0, Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip

Although where you’re specifying {Border,Handle}Width to be 0,
you ought also negate them explicitly:

Style FvwmTaskBar !Title, BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 0,
Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip, !Handles,

It won’t make any difference.

FvwmTaskBar is buggy – using FvwmButtons and FvwmIconMan is
probably a far easier, and flexible solution.

– Thomas Adam

You might want to try “AutoStick” -option. I remember having same sorts of problems as you, and iirc, it was display dependant, so also try to play around with the font sizes. People saying FvwmTaskBar is buggy haven’t probably used FvwmIconMan … :wink:

Seriously, I find IM to be really disobeyant compared to TB.

Not at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

In what way?

Damnit man, you posted the very same second I did. :laughing:
My problem with IM was that it kept extending over the predefined areas it had been given inside FButton. (sorry, I don’t have a config file to back this up anymore)

As I stated before, I never cared so much about FvwmTaskBar, so I don’t know on my own, just heared some rumours… (though I know that sometimes rumors are pure crap). So, forgive me if that’s not the case.

I use FvwmIconMan sometimes (not a FvwmIconMan geek either) but never had any problem with it. In which way is FvwmTaskBar buggy? I am just curious. I subscribed to the mailing lists recently and so I might have missed most of the discussions there :frowning:

  • Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

If you mean it extends beyond the agreed size inside
FvwmButtons, then you can scale that with the algorithm type
of FvwmButtons. You might want to try:

*FvwmButtons: BoxSize fixed

Although this might prove more interesting than you bargained
for. :slight_smile:

If, OTOH you meant that FvwmIconMan can’t scale it’s internal
buttons to a predefined width (as you can with FvwmTaskBar)
then that’s just tough at the moment. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Cheers mate. I have never used that option, but it sounds like a ride :wink:

hey all
thanks for all the replys i’m going to try the suggestions tonight.
For some reason I didn’t get a reply notification, i’ll until last night.

Well, i ended up switching to FvwmButtons with FvwmIconMan and FvwmPager swallowed in it. I figured since i wasn’t going to use the key feature of the TaskBar anyway (start button) i might as well do that.
you guys were right about the xterm, which doesn’t maximize all the way, but my main concern was the taskbar not extending all the way, i think it might have something to do with the fact that I had no borders, since when I enabled BorderWidth 4 it would work fine. Thanks for the help! I’ll share my screenshot/config when i get some pretty colors in there…:slight_smile: