Menu and Panel generator

I’ve written a little script to produce my menu’s based on simple textfiles and while I was at it I also made it generate FvwmButtons configs to create the effect of ‘drawers’ like they used to be in Gnome 1.4 (and later I suppose).

You can generate image only buttons like these, or buttons with images and text like here or just plain text (by not specifying an image).

And you can do all that in more than one column:

I didn’t put online a sceenshot of the generated menus as I suppose you all know what an Fvwm menu looks like:wink:

Instructions on how to use it are in the script which you can download here.


  • adding the option to have icons or not, now you either have to mess in the source or live with the fact that you get icons when you specify them.
  • maybe add an option to generate menus for Nick’s FvwmRingMenu.
  • fix the handling of subpanels now when I close the mainpanel the subpanel stays open, this is quite ugly imho…
  • other stuff I can’t think of at the moment

I uploaded a new version of my GenerateMenus script, it now actually generates them each time you open the menu instead of only the first time you open the menu on Fvwm startup.
Another improvement is that when a menu file is missing the script generates a dummy menu containing the exact path to where it expected to find the missing menu file instead of just displaying nothing.

You can download the script here or from the link in my previous post.

I hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

[EDIT] An example of how I use it in “FvwmButtons mode” is here, no need to tell me that it’s ugly, I already know :wink: