menu_db - Database-driven menu system

I took some doing but I finally consider my script ready for public consumption, here’s a rundown of what it does:

  • generates menus from MySQL database
  • executes programs stored in the database via unique ID for popularity tracking
  • usable outside of FVWM for program popularity tracking
  • allows dynamic menu entries based on popularity
  • supports pipe menus as well as static entries
  • global popularity menu with user-defined size

Here’s a screenshot to give you some idea, everything shown is generated by the database:

And finally a download link:

I’ve included a comprehensive manual for getting up and running, as well as an example .sql file to help you set up your database. Enjoy!

Dude, you have shodan too! That is scary. :wink:
Anywhoo, really nice looking thingie this, does it work on postgresql?

Should do, just change mysql to pg on the next-to-bottom line. I think the rest of it works for both (execute, prepare, fetchrow_hashref) but I don’t actually have postgresql to test it. I’ll install it and let you know.