menu generation

My apologies for asking a probable stupid question.
This is my first step in trying to grasp FVWM and I’m stuck already :wink:

I am trying to use the example as stated in the manual ( but it’s not working…

As I understand it adding…

AddToMenu Utilities "KDE System Menu" Popup kde-sys PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-desktop --desktop kde-sys'
to ~/.fvwm2rc should give me a custom kde menu (within Menu Utilities)? Is this correct?
I did add these lines just after the “MenuFvwmUtilities”-block in fvwm2rc and it’s not working, what am I missing here?

I am running Debian and fvwm-menu-desktop is running fine from terminal.

You’re not understanding what the above is telling you. That says, create a menu called “Utilities” and in it, create a popup menu called “kde-sys”. Then, the PipeRead command populates information from the KDE side of things into this kde-sys popup menu.

Since I can only assume you’ve blindly copied this into your config, you should find issuing the following command from FvwmConsole of note:

Menu Utilities

If you need further help integrating this, you’re going to have to pastebin your config file.

– Thomas Adam

Yes, got it… thanks.