Menu styles won't fit all in and menu not transparent

Since the reinstall (and recompiling fvwm) I have a slight problem with thransparent stuff…


Problem 1:
You can see the menu. It used to be transparent with a % shade and worked perfectly until now. I didn’t even change anything in the configuration file. Here’s the colorset used by the menu:

Colorset 0 fg #333333, fgsh #c2c4c7, bg #cccccc, hi #808080, sh #808080, Translucent #ffffff 65

Why doesn’t Tarnsculent, and “fgsh/sh” work anymore? What’s wrong, did I forget some kind of compile flag? (Using FreeBSD right now, haven’t seen special options except the stroke thing). RootTransparent works but I don’t want the menu to be COMPLETELY transp, yust a little bit shaded…

Problem 2:
Take a good look at the titlebar on the left & right. You can see “gaps” between the different PNG images. Can’t seem to fix it, it also used to work OK. Changed the titlebar colorset to RootTransparant and got this (without it it’s even uglier: borders around every image! Argh). Colorset and snipped of code:

[code]Colorset 2 fg #867a60, RootTransparent, IconAlpha 60, fgsh #d2cbba
DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor DefaultDecor

  • TitleStyle AllActive StretchedPixmap $[fvwm_home]/themes/$[fvwm_theme]/titlebar/back_active.png
  • TitleStyle AllInactive StretchedPixmap $[fvwm_home]/themes/$[fvwm_theme]/titlebar/back.png
  • TitleStyle – flat
  • TitleStyle Height 21
  • ButtonStyle All – flat
  • ButtonStyle 1 - MwmDecorStick
  • ButtonStyle 2 - Clear
  • ButtonStyle 4 - MwmDecorMax

Left button: window properties

  • AddButtonStyle 1 ActiveUp (Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/themes/$[fvwm_theme]/titlebar/1_active.png – flat)
    Style * UseDecor DefaultDecor[/code]

Changing the TitleStyle Height to 18 solves the height difference but the little tiny “gaps” between the minimize, maximize and close buttons (take a good look, hehe) are still there and the are extremely annoying…
Help :slight_smile:

The Tranclucence patch is not included with fvwm. It comes with the gentoo fvwm-package. It can also be found spatately, but I don’t remeber where.

Try this: … us.diff.gz

Need a couple of small changes to apply cleanly for 2.5.14


Is there another way to “overcome” this - problem - ?
I do not like manually compiling and/or patching proper stuff…

If there isn’t any I’ll have to!
Anyone knows the solution for the titlebar image spaces?

Still trying to fix the problem without the patch…
The transculency gentoo patch requires “epatch” and I don’t have that one… Can someone give instructions how to patch it?

So far I’ve found “Transparent” works, but I can’t give a percentage as argument so it’s FULLY transparent (and thus ugly). No way Alpha or bgTint works eighter… Anyone got some tips?

epatch is only a portage wrapper for patch, it should work just fine with the normal patch.