Menu TearOffImmediately in FvwmButtons via StartFunction

Well, for once I managed to make a descriptive topic subject which just about covers it all. :sunglasses:
Can it be done?
I vaguely remember seeing this being talked somewhere sometime, but can’t seem to find the answer.
What do I get? I get a rectangle inside the FvwmButtons, which kind of resembles the menu intended (gradients and all), but there are no menu entries.
This could be rather interesting if can get it to work.

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id be interesting in hearing if you get this to work; tell me, im new to this, how did you get as far as getting a rectangle? for me it refuses to get inside fvwmbuttons… tried having one button swallow it and another act as a panel, but that didnt work; and i also tried just having the panel hold the menu, also wouldnt work… however, i did get a perfectly functional torn off menu…

is it possible that the timing is off? as in fvwmbuttons cant swallow/panel it because it hasnt torn off yet?


Hi, yes, I don’t have the configuration anymore, it changed into something very different :wink:
But, I had basically just a gradient defined for the menu, and did a
AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Menu <placement_stuff> TearOffImmediately <etc.>

and then tried to suck* it in FvwmButtons. There was a rectangle with gradient inside the buttons after that, which was about right width. I didn’t have any luck with my experiments after that point, so I gave up, and used just plain tearoffmenu. I’d still be interested, too, if someone has a solution.