Menus and menu fonts too small to read

Here’s my system info:
I want to use FVWM as an alternative desktop. It looks to me that FVWM has started properly but on left or right desktop click the text in the popup menus is so small, I can barely see it. In fact, the menus are tiny too. Is there a zoom function on one of those menus? If not how do I get fonts like 10 pt ‘something’. I hope you understand. If this isn’t the right category straighten me out :L)

You can edit your config (or if using the default config make a copy of it) and set the font size there.

What I do on modern larger monitors with a big resolution is change the fontsize of XFT fonts. I do this in my .Xdefaults file by adding the line Xft.dpi: 112. 112 is what I’m using which works fine. You need to make sure you merge this with your Xdefaults using xrdb before launching fvwm.

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