MenuStyle & pixmaps

I encountered a problem with my wish to have pixmaps in my menu and for my HilighTitleBack. :unamused:

So far I can have a gradient or a pixmap for MenuColorset, which is not what I want at all: … 68sux7.png

The titlecolorset in this shot is btw. the same colorset as the menucolorset… so I ask myself… W(hy)TF is the TitleColorset a blend of the actual pixmap and not the pixmap? I’m still looking for the answer… if someone knows, please enlighten me, because I really fail to see the sense in the blend.

What I wanted was something like that: … 68siy1.png

Only with a gradient or pixmap for the activecolorset and a menutitle which looks like the windowtitles. Both are not possible… instead I get a blend of green and black… again.

I was told I wouldn’t be able to replace an underlying pixmap or shape… too bad that this is not what I’m doing. The underlying colorsets do not include any pixmaps or shapes.


Yes. this clearly belongs to decorations and bindings… :imp: