Mimic multiple linux terminals.


screen -t vim-fvwm2rc 1  bash -c "bash -c 'vim $HOME/.fvwm/fvwm2rc  && bash'"

And observe the quoting.

– Thomas Adam

Yesm that works very well.

I am so excited to get it to work as i want it to, there is only a few things left.

I have googled a lot about this now and before, and I didn’t find a solution.
I want to use alt-F7 to detach the screen session (within X/fvwm), and i want to eitehr set it in screen or as a command from fvwm to screen.
Alternatively-but in very last case i can accept to use the key combination ctrl-F7 instead:-(

 bindkey  -k ^K7 detach 
[/code]here i try to use ctrl-F7 to detach screen, which doesn't work.

I have found some sides on the web where they bind alt (at least they say so) to different functions. But it doesn't work for me.

So Question 1, is there a way to get alt-F7 to work within screen.?
Question      2,,  if i want to detach screen  through fvwm, then i need to use a named session, and attach windows to that... lets say that i want the session to be named  screen-FVWM.how do i name it  within screenrc.?

My screenrc-fvwm, by noe
[code] screen -t vim-fvwm2rc 1  bash  -c "bash -c 'vim ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc  && bash'"
screen -t vim-SettingsDesktop 2 bash -c  "bash -c 'vim ~/.fvwm/SettingsDesktop  && bash'"
screen -t vim-StylesAndColors 3 bash -c "bash -c 'vim  ~/.fvwm/StylesAndColors  && bash'"
screen -t vim-Bindings 4 bash -c "bash -c 'vim ~/.fvwm/Bindings  && bash'"
screen -t vim-Functions 5 bash -c "bash -c 'vim ~/.fvwm/Functions  && bash'"
screen -t vim-Menues 6 bash -c "bash -c 'vim ~/.fvwm/Menues  && bash'"
#screen -t vim-EdgePager 7 bash -c "bash -c 'vim ~/.fvwm/EdgePager && bash'"
screen -t FVWM_MANPAGE 8 bash -c "bash -c 'man fvwm  && bash'"
screen -t VIM_INFO 9 bash -c "bash -c 'info vim  && bash'"
#select  0


screen -S somesesionname -X detach
sessionname somename

This really has nothing to do with FVWM anymore – and never did, it seems.

– Thomas Adam

sessionname somename

Yes thats all that i need, thank-you, Thomas Adam.

Regarding to the board guidelines-“If it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with FVWM directly it should be asked here.”, i thought here was the right place to ask these questions.

Thank you for your patience.