MiniIcon in aMSN conversation window

how to MiniIcon in aMSN conversation window?
i can’t do it… when i start a conversation window i can’t see any new process in “ps -e”
any idea?
thanks in advance!

What does ‘xwininfo’, ‘xprop’, or FvwmIdent say about such a window?

– Thomas Adam

ok thanks… with wmininfo, that i didn’t know, i saw that the word “Chat” is always in the title so i put “Chat” in the style… i write this for future questions about this argument

now… can i cut some text from window title?


Chat” is potentially “dangerous”. Read this to understand why: … styles.txt

You can’t specify the arbitrary length of the title via FVWM. Some applications allow you to use “-title” or “-T” as flags to change it, or you might (and again unlikely) have luck in using xprop to set the WM_NAME XAtom of said window. Either way, it’s not a direct attribution.

– Thomas Adam

you mean i’d use class name instead of Chat?

Indeed, try matching on both class and name, that should be pretty safe.

both? … how to use AND condition in these cases?

No. Use either one or the other – I’d match on the class, if I were you. I wouldn’t use the branch of the FVWM CVS that has the experimental Style feature to it, in your case.

– Thomas Adam