When i minimize a window, miniicon appears in right corner (top to bottom).
For example i minimized 4 windows, I have 4 miniicons in column.

Now if i maximize one of windows in the middle then close window, start another app (which is bigger), and minimize it it moves to very bottom

but the middle is still empty.

So i was wondering if it’s possible to automatically move icons so they are in column with no empty spaces, and also doesn’t interfere each other?

Perhaps this could be new feature if it’s not possible.

DestroyModuleConfig FE-ArrangeIcons:*
*FE-ArrangeIcons: iconify "All (Iconic, CurrentPage) PlaceAgain Icon"

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent FE-ArrangeIcons

This will recompute where the icons need to go when a window is iconified. Note three things:

  1. What you’re describing has nothing to do with MiniIcons at all, since they’re normal Icons.
  2. This is in the main FVWM FAQ.
  3. Look at the IconGrid style command. You’ll need to to alleviate gaps in icon placements.

– Thomas Adam

As I don’t like to load FvwmEvents just to do this, I use this alternative way:

AddToFunc DeiconifyAndRearrange
+ I Iconify off
+ I All (CurrentPage, Iconic) PlaceAgain Icon

AddToFunc IconifyAndRearrange
+ I Iconify on
+ I All (CurrentPage, Iconic) PlaceAgain Icon

Then, I just use these functions instead of “Iconify on” and “Iconify off”. It is also possible to just have a function and parametrize on/off.

Get used to the idea – the (wrong) assumption you’ve used is the iconification of the window is done consistently – perhaps by binding your function to some window button, etc. But what if I use a key-binding that calls Iconify (likely – by the way). Oops, it no longer works.

There is absolutely no overhead in using FvwmEvent to achieve this. It is the best catch-all case we have. Any other suggestion against its use is inferior.

– Thomas Adam

I don’t experience problems, and I use mainly the keyboard to control my wm. I am not saying you are not right (you surely are), but it just works and there is no noticeable problem.

I use win+tab to navigate all the windows, included iconified ones. And when I press Enter on the context I, the relevant window receives Iconify off, and the rest of icons re-arrange adequately. No problem as far as I can see. There is no problem in using FvwmEvent (just a few mb of ram, probably), but I see no problem in not using it either.


You’re missing the point still. There are other ways beside explicit user actions which could cause a window to iconify. If that happens, your functions aren’t called, and nothing useful happens. Binding them to FvwmEvent is still useful. I’m not going to argue the toss, but your observation of a possible use of RAM is a red-herring I’m afraid.

Try it.

(Oh, and if you still don’t believe me, look at things like the StartIconic style condition as well as those applications which override the WM and will always start iconic. What do you think happens then with your functions without FvwmEvent?)

– Thomas Adam

Yep, you are right. 8)

It’s been long since I used FvwmEvent for something, I am using this now:

DestroyModuleConfig FE-ArrangeIcons:*
*FE-ArrangeIcons: iconify "All (Iconic, CurrentPage) PlaceAgain Icon"
*FE-ArrangeIcons: deiconify "All (Iconic, CurrentPage) PlaceAgain Icon"

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent FE-ArrangeIcons

The “iconify” event is perfectly caught and the icons rearrange, but the “deiconify” event doesn’t work at all. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

It works fine here, which suggests there’s something wrong with your config.

– Thomas Adam