Minimize Pager, Disable OnTop when Minimized

I am a new FvwmUser - and i have googled and read manpages trying to solve my problems.
My Intentioon for now is to let FvwmPager popup Real Big 80% of the screen size) and let it be translucency (NOT root-transparent) so i can see the acrive windows through FvwmPager.
As i found it is not possible to set the pager Translucency (Limitations in X ?) i use xcompmgr and transset to accomplish that.
As it is not possible (AFAIK) to direct transset to a separate window through a function i have to point and click to that window i want to give the effect.
That makes it impossible to use FvwmPager with the ‘-transient’ option.
Therefore i need to always have the pager Active, and while i don’t want to see it i have to iconify it.

There we come to my problem.
First as i am new to fvwm i have no good clue how to Iconify a Window from a separat function, (i know how to do that with a key-binding or a mouse-binding) - so i use a solution that i found on the net - which i slightly modified a bit. (Please don’t laugh how i set this up)

Please correct this function so i don’t need to use the ‘State 1’ thing.

Style FvwmPager State 1
Mouse 3 FSTR A   ShowOrHidePager

DestroyFunc ShowOrHidePager
AddToFunc ShowOrHidePager
+ C  All (State 1) IconiFy

The next problem is that the icon icon is OnTop of all my windows - i suppose it is because i have it so in its declaration Style "FvwmPager" Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip, Iconifiable how do i do to place the icon in the background
Is there any other solution to hide the pager than make it iconifyed and in background.?

Another Question - is there possible to drag programicons in the FvwmPager when it is in -transient mode?
Hope you oversee my english - i am from Sweden

DestroyFunc ShowOrHidePager
AddToFunc   ShowOrHidePager
+ C Next (FvwmPager, CirculateHit) Iconify

Of course, that function will now toggle the two – i.e., if the FvwmPager is iconic, then it will uniconify and vice-versa.

Use FvwmEvent to do this.

DestroyModuleConfig FE-FP:*
*FE-FP: iconify "ThisWindow (FvwmPager) Layer 0 0"
*FE-FP: deiconify "ThisWindow (FvwmPager) Layer"

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent FE-FP

No – the whole point of transient is that it closes on mouse click.

– Thomas Adam

Woaw - I must tell that i am impressed how fast i got your reply, allthough i dont understand the FvwmEvent Code it works very well - so i have some reading to do about FvwmEvent.
Thankyou very much for your fast reply.

Well - If i use the -transient switch, i can still move the viewport with the right mousebutton, therefore i was asking about themiddl;ebutton too … i supposed while the one button works in the transient oager the other shoukld do it as well - therefore i thought there was som errors from my side…