Minimoids [Scripts For Minim]

Applets I’ve made for my Minim theme using FvwmScript:

GMail - reads Google mail atom feed
Meteo - weather widget using Google Weather API
Tapet - wallpaper changer
Empidy - mini MPD widget
Yard - desktop icons widget
StaTux - CPU, memory and hard drive usage status widget
Cinema - Now playing in US theatres
Monetor - Network traffic monitor
AlterState - Computer state manager
Kalende - Calendar
Chrono - Digital clock with alarm & date
Translexis - Short text translator
Memento - Notes & tasks reminder


Can you up these to someplace where one can download them? I can’t get anything from divshare sadly(just cycles the download). If you want I can host them for you as well.

I’ll put them to box-look.