missing files

I would like to install the “cde-theme” on a linux box running Redhat 4 that currently has
only KDE and GNOME. The writeup implies that this is a bolt-on to either of these which
might be a wrong assessment. Im missing some of the files in the README’s like:


“include” is not in that path so not sure how to proceed.

Any help would be appreciated!


Which CDE theme, and for what? If it’s for QT per se, what has this to do with FVWM?

– Thomas Adam

I downloaded it from :


under the heading of:

Fvwm themes, including a CDE emulation.

The write up:

Fvwm themes
‘CDEmu’ theme 0.6. This is an integrated theme for fvwm2 , gtk, kde and X emulating the look of CDE. Comes with gtk-perl script with dialogs for configuring colors, backdrops and fonts and a custom gtk theme engine. The theme colors and fonts are applied to all gtk, qt, kde and X applications. Download here.

Oh, CDEmu – yes. That hasn’t been updated in many years – and it’s supposedly meant to integrate into GTK/QT apps by changing their appearence, but it won’t work that way on any modern apps. You’re better off taking a look at one of my configs – that’s very CDE/MWM like.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Adam - Great!!! Please point me to them!


You probably want this thread and the one linked from it.

By the way his surname is Thomas, not Adam.

Sorry about the name!!!

Thanks for the info!

No. :slight_smile: My surname is Adam. It’s my forename which isn’t, instead it’s Thomas.

– Thomas Adam

Eww, now shoot me, I mixed up surname and forename again, sorry :frowning: