mntnoe's fvwm

[size=150]mntnoe’s fvwm[/size]

Light setup using a lot of torsmos. Please let me hear what you think of it.

I’ve got inspiration from everywhere, but mainly from
taviso, gulivert, pasq and pem.

It is work-in-progress, and since the source code is a mess and that I don’t have
the credits maintained, I can’t upload my config yet. I will upload it as soon as I can.

[color=darkred]Update:[/color] Config can be downloaded here.

[list][]Information-at-your-fingertips ™. My scripts are not the best code seen,
but it works, at least on my box.
] CPU/MEM/HD-usage
[/:m][] Most cpu-power consuming processes
[/:m][] Category based email notifier
[/:m][] Simple weather script
[/:m][] Available updates (gentoo)
[/:m][] Pinging of LAN hosts to see if they are online
[/:m][] Mounted devices
[/:m][] Started services
[/:m][] Tail of /var/log/messages and ~/.xsession-errors[/:m][/list:u][/:m]
[] FvwmButtons bar with FvwmIconman and FvwmPager at top.Don’t like icons
and thumbnails, as I can’t access them when they are being overlapped by
windows. Besides, the root window is for torsmo…[/
[] One-level menus. Digging through cascades of submenus is evil.[/:m]
[] Nearly complete Milkification:
] Gtk theme: Milke by Brian Carper, originally made by Max Rudberg.
[/:m][] Gtk stock icons is from Milky Smooth
[/:m][] Window decoration: Well, got it from gulivert’s config.
[/:m][] XMMS theme: Milk Winamp by KoL
[/:m][] Rox icons: ROX-angel (see pasq’s config)
[/:m][]Wallpaper: extricate.jpg[/:m][/list:u][/:m][/list:u]
Todo list:
[list][] Upload that config![/:m]
[] Dynamical menus, like taviso’s. One-click handling
of services and mounts.[/
[] XMMS integration. I make heavy use of keyboard shortcuts, but I would like
the playlist to popup anywhere with a single stroke.[/

I run with a resolution at 1152x864, so you will need to make a lot of adjustments
in most cases. You will need it anyway to get the torsmorc’s to fit.

Allthough I use xcompmgr in the screenshot, I would not recommend using it yet; it is
still to experimental. But hey, it still looks nice on screenshots… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job :slight_smile:

BTW: In my config You can find XMMS integration :slight_smile:

Nice job! Your xdm config is really the slickest I’ve seen to date :thumbsup:

Yepp, really nice ! :smiley:

And here it is: fvwm-mntnoe-2005-07-03.tar.bz2.

I’ve included torsmo-config, xdm-config and Xdefaults in it.

Please read the README before you install it, as the scripts used by torsmo were not meant for distribution.

Props to Gulivert !!! , not bad , but not my type !

It is very cool theme :slight_smile:
You can also download it from my page.

why ?? asnt this forum been made for that kind of things ?


Yes, but if 1 server is down, you can download config from other site.

Yummm … yummy config, you got there :wink:

Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

A draft of the “comming” actions-menu (link will be updated continuosly):

Bugs found:
[list][]I have swapped the MenuActions-entry: halt and reboot. Oops…[/:m]
[]I defined the wrong colorset for the titles. in include/general it should be co Style * Colorset 5, HilightColorset 6 instead of 3 and 8[/:m][/list:u]
BTW: Does anyone know which icons I am using? Got it from gulivert’s config, and I would like to see if there are more, and/or higher resolutions of them.

Well…you could try pm’ing gulivert :wink:

Yup Gulivert config rox, but rounded corners … just dont fit yet on fvwm …
maybe on fvwm3 … it looks ugly :unamused:

They are planned for 2.5.13 I’ve bee told :slight_smile:

Looking forward to that.

Since I use a light wallpaper, it doesn’t disturb me too much that the pixels in the window corners are miscolored when overlapping other windows. However, when using “dark” application like aterm, it can be a little annoying, and it reminds me that the decoration isn’t rounded, just a rectangular pixmap with roottransparent corners :wink:

Do you know if it will be in the same manner as the translucent-menus patch, used in gentoo?

Thanks mntnoe. The torsmo config is great!
I did few changes. Also, instead of torsmo I am using conky.

  1. Conky
  • System monitor
  • Weather report
  • Arch Linux recent package updates
  • AUR recent package updates
  1. Pypanel

That setup is awesome :smiley:

Don’t forget to upload your config… (in a new thread :stuck_out_tongue:)