mntnoe's second fvwm

Hi fvwm folks…

It has become three years since I uploaded my first config, so I think it’s time to share the config I use at present:


To quote my blog entry: It is a 100 % keyboard driven Fvwm config that aims to make window handling efficient by making the keyboard commands easy to hit. Two instances of conky (one is double buffered, the other in its own window) and xfce4-panel is visible in the screenshots.

All window handling uses the AltGr (right Alt on the US keyboard) key as modifier, to avoid conflicts with applications. AltGr is easy to reach, but seldom used, except for “local characters”. The most frequently used commands are the easiest to hit. For instance, instead of using CTRL-F1,F2,F3,F4 to switch workspace, AltGr-U,I,O,P is used. The root menu opens with AltGr-L.

The window titlebar is replaced by a colored border; the color which depends on the application. This actually improves the readability (IMHO), as the “real” information comes closer to each other. Also it uses less screen space which is crucial on a 12″ laptop :slight_smile:

I hope it can be of use to somebody. Feedback will be appreciated…

Happy tweaking,

Mads N Noe

By the way, the assignment I am working on in the second screenshot is actually a genuine exercise from CLRS :slight_smile:

I have had a look at your config and I really like the philosophy behind using the AlgGr+key to control the windows. I am going to use it. I have tried and really like the “Window Switching”. I get the bracketleft by pressing AltGr+key, so I have to use other keys. I had chosen few options for Window Switching (as I do not have so many windows in the same page as I am using a 6x6 desktop).

Simple and effective. I really like it!


I’d been trying to figure out how to do a single pixel border for a while…thanks!