monotux's graphite fvwm... :)

Hello everyone!

This is my first fvwm desktop, and it’s based on taviso’s config, but I have put some serious work into it.
I tried to make my desktop match the clearlooks-graphite gtk-style (my slightly modified version), and I find it acceptable as it is now, with dark (not pitch black, tho) colors and proper icons everywhere :slight_smile:

nice icons :slight_smile: where did you get them?
I also like how you implemented trayer. It fits in well. Unlinke my unfinished config, I can’t seem to find a place for trayer.


I used the icons from the Graphite Suite (, and most of the icons I used in the window menu is from the stock section.
It’s a really nice icon set :slight_smile:

I’m not fully satisfied with the trayer (xystray, btw), since it’s 22 pixels high, and I made my fvwm panel by making every element in it 8 px high…
(and I’ve been too lazy to redo the math since I found xystray :stuck_out_tongue:)

with trayer you can specify the dimensions. might want to try that one instead.