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  1. “Shodan” (Updated 25.10.05 fvwm-themes compliant)

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Description: Shodan was the Artificial Intelligence gone mad in the games System Shock, and it’s sequel System Shock 2. The theme is modeled after System Shock 2 look, and includes iconset and images from the game.
UPDATE: now has pretty complete wm-icons icons theme to go with it, here

  1. “X” (Work in progress)

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Description: This is basically a bunch of ideas I had in mind. All in all pretty basic. On the inactive windows titlebar, only toggled-state icons are drawn, and they have vectors drawn around them depending on what the window state is.
Wallpapers are using a simple composition.
There is also a mailbox-checker generated with this, and some window maker dockapps.

  1. “Thief3”

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Description: This is based on the game-title Thief: Deadly Shadows. I was interested to see if I could make fvwm look like the game’s menu. It sort of does, but the configuration is far from finished.
The menu on the right has a tearoff-menu topmost, below it two FvwmIconMan’s; first one displaying iconified windows, other everything else. Below those there are two FvwmPager’s; both displaying two Desks (ie. first pager showing desks 0 and 1, the second 2 and 3).
Package includes icons converted from windows icon theme I found from the circle, from where you can also find nice wallpapers to go with it.

  1. Quickhelp
    Description: This isn’t a theme, but rather a syntax cheat-sheet.

  2. “Adapt”

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Description: Another bunch of ideas and tests put together. Now using the awesome patches by frogb and others. This is a rather light terminal-oriented config, as lot of terminal programs are catched on fly and icon comes that way (requires zsh ATM). Also windows can be resized using keyboard. Uses wm-icons. The colors are used based on operating system. More info in beginning of config.
What makes this config interesting (well, to me atleast) is the alt-tab functionality. I’ve split up the task of browsing through windows into two key-bindings. Alt-tab shows a list of windows except those of the same class with current window. The second keybinding, alt-less, browses only those windows with the same class as the current window. I find this system very fast for my alt-tabbing needs.

  1. “PEM’s config fvwm-themeized”

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The famous PEM configuration made for fvwm-themes with some small changes. Not yet complete. Uses wm-icons.

EDIT(s): Tidying up, and making everything nicer.

After having been working on this for two days, I take a risk and dare to say bump

That’s some impressive work you have there, you should consider submitting them to for inclusion in the screenshots gallery there :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:
Maybe I will try that again.

This is a fantastic design - I like it, good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 new themes

Finally some themes considered attractive by today’s standards that are fvwm-themes compliant, I hope the will someday be included in fvwm-themes too :slight_smile:


I missed this one !
shodan is simply … WHOOW.

really nice :wink: