Mouse and wheelscroll


I prefer to ask it here as this is not directly related to fvwm!

I use the WhellScroll function of Taviso bound to mouse buttons 4 and 5 to change the page in fvwm.

My problem is that one “click” produces 2 jumps to another page! or if you prefer 1 “click” with the mouse is interpreated as 2 “clicks” by XFree86.

I do not know how I can influence that!

Any suggestion is welcome!

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You’re stuck with it, due to how the mouse works when scrolling the wheel.

– Thomas Adam


I have to live with that…

thanks for the answer I would have expected that I could have adjust that!


Unless you’re using a slightly odd mouse protocol in your X11 config file, of course. But even then, I sometimes see the same behaviour as you’re describing, even with the correct protocol, so…

– Thomas Adam

What about asking fvwm to change page only after a doubleclick of buttons 4 or 5 ? ( + D … instead of + I or + C in function definition)

That was the trick!!! now it’s working perfectly!! :laughing:

Thanks or better merci beaucoup Zonk!!


Ah, thanks, Brice. I’m glad you re-posted. I was about to send you a PM – my err, mouse slipped and hit the wrong button deleting your original post. Sorry about that.

– Thomas Adam.

No problem Thomas!

I try to follow my post the most I can!!!

Regards, Brice


some more information

I switched today from Xfree to Xorg. This one manage correctly the mouse buttons 4 and 5, one click is ONE click and not 2 as under Xfree…

That was.