Mouse cursor not applying correctly on every window

Hi, I’m using FVWM to make it look like IRIX 4.0.
I’m trying to install the mouse cursor, but unfortunately it doesn’t apply the right way, I mean I can see that it changes but for example when I open a terminal and leave the cursor under the left upper corner of the window, it changes to the default one, but when I leave the cursor in the left bottom corner, it apply the cursor icon that I want to. Another thing I would like to do is that when I leave the cursor the inside the terminal I want that this uses the default left_ptr icon.
I installed the cursor through this way.
Download the cursor from here:
Extracted the folder sgi in to the .icons folder.
Go to .Xdefaults and add: XCursor.theme: sgi
I tried different ways to try to fix it but I didn’t get any differences.
I tried to add the default folder in .icons and with a index.theme file try to set the SGI cursor but had the same problem.
I tried too to do the same but in /usr/local/share/icons (I’m in FreeBSD) and nothing too.
Thank you for all your possible solutions.

Hi @R6exe,

If that Irix cursor theme doesn’t match what the standard X11 terms are, then the XServer is going to have a hard time knowing what’s what.

You can define what parts of the window should match which cursor based on that Irix theme, in FVWM, via the CursorStyle command.


Hi thomasadam, thank you for your answer, but in which file do I need to add that CursorStyle command ? In .Xdefaults ? And how do I use it ?
Thank you.

Hi @R6exe,

CursorStyle is a command FVWM understands, so you add it to your ~/.fvwm/config file.

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Hi @thomasadam.
I tried it but it didn’t work.
But thank you anyway.