mouse events

hi guys, for my first post, a quick question :smiley: basically, I’ve been using blackbox but its not configurable enough so I switched to fvwm.

problem: I would like ALT+Mouse1=move and ALT+Mouse2=resize anywhere in a window, but the fvwm man says X11 cant do this with just a click-drag-release.

anyone have any insight into this?


I dont´t think its possible.

The Window (Title, Border) is managed by the windowmanager, but everything inside by the Widget-Library (Qt, Gtk+, Fox and others).

As these libraries work very different internally, there is no way the windowmanager might get a “specified signal”.

If the wm would handle the ALT-event, it would not work in the Application any more (often ALT is used to open the main-menue).

You can try this in KDE, open a Konsole, run “mc”, and get irritated as the keys don´t work.

this means you would have to implement this on the application-level, I wrote a small iconbar you can drag around even without title-bar, but I had to implement my own mouse-eventhandlers to realize this.

Greets, Mark

thanks for the quick reply Mark

pity though… I wonder how blackbox does it :confused:

Maybe blackbox has an option to override the application handlers.

Maybe Fvwm can do this, too.

I hope someone else can tell you how to do it, this just were theoretical thoughts, maybe there is a practical solution :slight_smile:

Fvwm supports Mouse-gestures if I read it right.


oh well, I decided to use the same combos (ALT-mouse1/ALT-mouse3 actually) but its click once to start, click again to confirm… close enough :slight_smile:

Hmm stupid me…

Mouse 1 W M FuncFvwmMoveOrRaiseOrShade
Mouse 2 W M FuncFvwmResizeOrRaiseOrShade

its so simple :wink:

I had a look in /usr/share/fvwm/themes/default/bindings (of fvwm-themes), there is an explanation.

M stands for ALT
C for Control.

W for “Application Windows”

Mouse 2 is the middle-button.

Greets, Mark

does that require 1 or 2 mouse clicks for the move/size operation?

1 click.

You click the Window, and move/resize while leaving the mousebutton pressed.

You can release ALT while moving/resizing :slight_smile:

Resizing works slow on my system, but that might have to do with the shadows (xcompmgr on 2 monitors)

Ah I see… it is not slow.
I have to move the mousepointer outside the Window and back, before it resizes.

ah, i just noticed you said fvwm-themes, which im not using currently