Move Application to another page/desktop


Im sure this question has been asked befor, but I didn’t found it here, so Im sorry if this is a double post…

I want to be able to sent an application to another page/desktop. At the moment Im choosing “sticky” on the window-menu and change the page with the application, unsticky it, and return to my previous used page.

I already have a menu-point called “Move >” in my menu, but nothing happens when I select it. In the configfile is the line

  • “Move” Popup FvwmMoveMethods

I think I need to “name” my pages that they appear when choosing “move” from the menu.

Can you tell me where to look, or what to do?

Thank you.

See the MoveToPage and MoveToDesk commands. You could script this of course. There’s examples of this on these forums, although I can’t be bothered to look them up.

– Thomas Adam

something like this might be interesting for you Monkey

DestroyMenu MenuFvwmSendTo
AddToMenu MenuFvwmSendTo

  • “Prev” MoveAndGotoPagePrev
  • “Next” MoveAndGotoPageNext
  • “Desk &1” MoveToPage 0 0
  • “Desk &2” MoveToPage 1 0
  • “Desk &3” MoveToPage 2 0
  • “Desk &4” MoveToPage 3 0
  • “Desk &5” MoveToPage 4 0

DestroyFunc MoveAndGotoPagePrev
AddToFunc MoveAndGotoPagePrev

  • I MoveToPage wrapx -1w 0
  • I GotoPage wrapx -1w 0

DestroyFunc MoveAndGotoPageNext
AddToFunc MoveAndGotoPageNext

  • I MoveToPage wrapx +1w 0
  • I GotoPage wrapx +1w 0[/code]

Yours has GotoPage also – that wasn’t part of the original requirements.

– Thomas Adam