move windows with mouse3

hello everybody!

i wondered if it would be possible to move windows by just klicking on them with the middle mousebutton and slide them around.
of course i also want the paste-option of mouse3, so i´m not sure if it´s possible :confused:
how would you do this?

Sure it’s possible – bind the mouse to something other than the window (W) – as in:

Mouse 2 TSF Move

(You’d probably want to bind the above to a function which provides more functionality than just a “Move” command.)

– Thomas Adam

where to do i have to add this? i use fvwm-crystal, so i added it to /usr/share/fvwm-crystal/fvwm/user-preferences/Bindings, but it doesn´t work.
what does “TSF” mean? is there a place where i can learn about this?

Yes, the man pages.

well, i can´t find it :angry:

It’s a big document, isn’t it? :slight_smile: The command I gave you bound the button to the frame, the sides, and the titlebar – the decoration of the window, if you will. Not the main (and actual) window per se.

If you wanted a setup such that for a known window, clicking button to on it, pasted the contents, but holding it (for instance) moved it, then you could try this:

Mouse (rxvt) 2 W A myFunc

DestrpyFunc  myFunc
AddToFunc    myFunc
+ H Move

(You’d need 2.5.X to do this in). What this does, is binds button 2 for all windows named ‘rxvt’ to call ‘myFunc’ when clicked in the window. If the button is held down, the Move operation is performed. If it isn’t, then no action is taken.

The only slight side-effect of the above is that to still have the pasting action from button2, you have to click the button hold it for a brief moment and gently move the mouse and release the button.

An annoyance, perhaps.

– Thomas Adam

hm… maybe i´m to stupid :open_mouth:

ric fvwm # fvwm --version fvwm 2.5.12 compiled on Jan 17 2006 at 15:34:21 with support for: ReadLine, XPM, PNG, Shape, XShm, SM, XRender, XFT, NLS


[code]Mouse (*) 3 W A Move

DestrpyFunc Move
AddToFunc Move

  • H Move [/code]

i don´t really understand this thing with the functions (sure i know what functions are and how they work), where are they declared?

i guess “move” is the wrong function i called :slight_smile:

i would love a reference for that keybindings (TSF… what does it mean?)

thanks, ric

You’re not stupid, you just don’t listen, or follow instructions very
well. “DestrpyFunc” is spelled wrong – should be: “DestroyFunc”. Also,
no where did I mention the use of: “Mouse (*) 3 W A Move”.

They’re declared anywhere. In any file (if it is split into different

Re-read my post.

Read this:

– Thomas Adam

ok, so i have:

[code]Mouse * 3 W A myFunc

DestroyFunc myFunc
AddToFunc myFunc

  • H Move[/code]

it doesnt work
i can´t imagine that myFunc should move windows?!

what else?

  • is for every window, 3 means mouse button 3 (wich) i want, W means Windows, A means anywhere and move says it should move, doesn´t it?

thanks for your time :unamused:

I am still not clear whether:

Mouse * 3 W A myFunc

Is literal syntax that you’re using, or just some notation to explain
concepts to me. Either way it’s inaccurate. Note also that you
originally said the “middle” mouse button. Do you have a scroll wheel?
Only I would check that you really mean button 3 and not button 2, as the
middle button.

– Thomas Adam


i thougth mouse2 would be right mouse :imp:
damn… xev said it wasn´t

this is what i placed in my /usr/share/fvwm-crystal/fvwm/user-preferences/Bindings

so what should i place there? :confused: